Facebook copies Twitter again, Facebook is doing everything wrong

Last month, Jason Calacanis wrote he’d pay $250,000 to be listed as a Twitter “Suggested Follow ” for two years. Getting on Twitter’s “suggested” list can drive hundred of thousands of people to follow a Twitter feed.

Facebook has taken notice, and this weekend has started recommending Facebook fan pages of some public personas and brand on its own site. (Sarah Lacy, Julia Allison, and Mark Cuban have all already made Facebook’s list.)

Nothing wrong with imitation. Nor is it the first time Facebook has looked to Twitter for inspiration.  Facebook’s recent redesign to emphasize real-time updates also took a cue from Twitter.

It seems like Facebooks is doing everything wrong. Facebook v2 totally annihilated any usefulness for Facebook applications… now Facebook v3 totally killed everything else but the stream … it seems like a giant over-elaborated, over-complicated, over-architected, over-scoped Twitter with some minor add-ons no one seem to care about anymore such as photo albums, apps, groups, and fan pages … Personally, I used to login to Facebook every day, now maybe once every week or two… grants, Facebook is still the fastest growing site, stats say that more people login to Facebook every day than people watched the superbowl, some analysis say that Facebook will have more traffic than Google in a few years… but I really want to see if there’s a dropoff in growth rate with the new design … who actually like it?