Google releases Chrome for Mac

google chromeAfter playing with Chrome developer edition for the Mac for a few weeks, Google released today the official Beta . I tried it on a PC a few months ago and quite honestly, was not impressed at all, and haven’t paid much attention since. Today I decided to run a few tests, and it seems to be 1) pretty fast, and 2) extensible?

  1. Open and click launch experiment … tried it with Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, and Chrome 4 beta … Chrome wins by far …. granted, this code was built to showcase Chrome specific advantages and should not reflect Safari generic JavaScript performance, but it’s pretty sweet.

  2. Chrome Extensions : … wow, I had no idea this existed… this is the main reason I like Firefox, all the nice tools …

All n’ all, I still use Safari as my main browser, Firefox to look behind the scenes, dev tools, and now I’ll try Chrome a little more too.

P.S. Posting this entry using Chrome to test wordpress compatibility; thus far, all good.

[update] P.S.2 Extensions does not seem to work for Mac. Hopefully they’ll enable them soon

[update] P.S.3 Enable extensions for Mac through this little hack-around