Adobe, stop trying to get into the iPhone

Latest news, Adobe finally gets into the iPhone/iPad by delivering Flash-based ads to the iAd network.

Mashable reads: “Adobe to Bring Flash-Based Ads to iPhone : Adobe has partnered with ad company Greystripe to deliver Flash-based ads to Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Greystripe makes this possible by converting Flash ads (which the devices do not currently support) into the competing HTML5 format”

Now, has Adobe stopped for a second to think, if you can do everything Flash can do in html5, why using Flash at all?  The one advantage that I see is to re-tool banners in multiple media and leverage assets for web & mobile – which is a strong statement … but it does not mean Flash will run in the iPhone, and it most likely mean that not all Flash functionality will work either …

Every step Adobe makes to expand Flash to the iPhone just takes them a step backwards and make people start saying Flash is dead. I do not believe Flash is dead, but that deserves a full article which I will post soon.