The Old Spice Social Media Campaign Stats

I am so glad I [accidentally] decided to write about the Old Spice videos last Friday , prior to the social media campaign launch. The Old Spice simple and clever social media campaign has been running for the past 48 hours, allowing fans, influencers, and random people get their own personalized Old Spice video response by Tweeting, through Facebook, or Youtube commects … amazing! Full review by Mashable is pretty good.

Inevitably and as expected, the videos got views, but following rapidly increased across all channels.

According to Visible Measures , “Old Spice Responses” — a.k.a the string of custom-made vids — is one of the fastest-growing online video campaigns of all time. The company compares the endeavor to some of the most popular viral videos to date below, and how they’ve grown over the course of 24 hours (to be fair, “Old Spice Responses” had a time limit attached, so there was more urgency to participate with this particular string of videos than there was to get in on, say, the Susan Boyle craze).

Now let’s compare the numbers to Friday’s post .

The Return of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like kept getting hits and grew from 3MM views to 6.4MM views, and from 21k likes to 33k likes. This video was autoplayed in the channel – destination where people were going to explore all the new videos being posts, over 180 videos in two days.

Some numbers:

  • Total videos uploaded: 183

    • 12 July, 2010: 29 videos uploaded
    • 13 July, 2010: 89 videos uploaded
    • 14 July, 2010: 65 videos uploaded
  • Combined viewing figures: 10,954,096

  • Most watched video: 698,205 views 15 Most Popular Videos

RankVideo NameViewsDate UploadedVideo #
1[Re: Perez Hilton | Old Spice]( "Perez Hilton")698,20513-Jul-1032
2[Re: Anonymous | Old Spice]( "Anonymous")505,59413-Jul-1039
3[Re: @kevinrose | Old Spice]( "@kevinrose")382,86712-Jul-1016
4[Re: @kpereira | Old Spice]( "@kpereira")329,19012-Jul-1027
5[Re: rosemcgowan | Old Spice]( "rosemcgowan")338,50213-Jul-10118
6[Re: jsbeals | Old Spice]( "jsbeals")328,58913-Jul-10108
7[Re: @TheEllenShow | Old Spice]( "@TheEllenShow")292,44012-Jul-101
8[Re: @Gizmodo | Old Spice]( "@Gizmodo")249,51613-Jul-10110
9[Re: Starbucks | Old Spice]( "Starbucks")215,25813-Jul-10113
10[Re: Alyssa_Milano | Old Spice]( "Alyssa Milano")238,49413-Jul-1055
11[Re: Alyssa_Milano | Old Spice]( "Alyssa Milano")211,58913-Jul-1088
12[Re: wheresweems | Old Spice]( "wheresweems")178,30113-Jul-10115
13[Re: pandarr | Old Spice]( "pandarr")252,79014-Jul-10144
14[Re: themrchris0426 | Old Spice]( "themrchris0426")164,66213-Jul-10117
15[Re: Laiba | Old Spice]( "Laiba")167,09013-Jul-103
What's even more impressive, is that Old Spice has by far the most popular channel, and 8 out of the top 15 videos!

YouTube’s top Channels this week. OldSpice shows 13,500,000 views, almost tripling the 2nd best.

Top videos for today (July 16, 2010, just updated the post to add this): Old Spice with the number 1, 2, 4, and a total of 8 out of the top 15 … now that’s impressive.

Now let’s look at Facebook:

Old Spice Facebook fans increased from 563k to 592k, so about a 29k bump since the launch of the social campaign.

Referring SiteClick(s) ![]()9,585 ![]()968
Email Clients, IM, AIR Apps, and Direct ![]()537 ![]()2 ![]()1 ![]()1 ![]()1 ![]()1 ![]()1 ![]()1
[ link tracking]( " Old Spice Tracking") from the YouTube channel header tracked 10k Facebook referrals from YouTube, compare to 1k last week.

Old Spice Twitter followers increased from 8k to 66k in 2 days.


So, 58k new Twitter followers, 29k new Facebook fans, 6.4MM views of the campaign video + 5MM views of all responses in 48h.

Amazing campaign by W+K, simplicity = power. They carefully chose social influences that will promote their personalized viral video, and the true power was speed, amazing copywriting, and a great actor… hats off, I was truly impressed.

[Updated 07/16]: Added Youtube’s top channels and videos.