Viral Video Friday - Geico

Today’s Viral Video Friday goes to Geico. Their new Piggy commercial is the first Geico commercial in their channel to ever go viral… amazingly, out of the 43 commercials posts in their channel, this Piggy one is the first to pass the 1 million views mark, and it did it in less than a week.

Previously, the only other Geico commercial to pass the million mark was the 2006 Caveman at the airport , which only has 1.2mm views.

With all the great content Geico has, it goes to show you how important is a good understanding of the digital space.

And for your pleasure, here’s the latest Geico spot released at the same time as Piggy … Here’s Geico’s Octopus.

So Geico switched their ads now to weird cheese looking animal commercials… a Piggy, an Octopus, and there’s another Bird one not even worth showing. It’s really weird to watch these spots after the great legacy they left behind with the Gecko, Caveman, or even that short-lived failure money stack campaign …