Viral Video Friday - Gillette

The week’s viral video friday goes to Gillette. Released this Monday, has quickly ramped up to 3.3 million views and 100,000 facebook shares. As part of an ad campaign for Gillette, in what was designed to look like an unscripted moment, Roger Federer serves a tennis ball across a room and it knocks a bottle off the top of a film crew member’s head. Then Federer repeats the trick.

Most comments in the Youtube channel argue whether it’s true or fake … no one said anything about Gillette, nor the video really ties into the brand on any way …

Best comment was: “I was pretty sure it was a fake but I analysed it on FC Pro. If you go frame by frame you can clearly see the faint yellow trail of the ball which in the end hits the bottle on the guys head. First I thought he hit the ball wide, left of the guy but you also can see that there are people standing, which made me wanna check it. So I’m very positive that it’s the real thing.”

Really nicely done. btw, Federer is a beast and I really hope he wins the US open again.