Sergey Brin shows off Project Glass [video]

Google co-founder Sergey Brin recently sat down with the Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom for an hour-long interview. Brin, as he has done in the past, wore the company’s Project Glass prototype, and even allowed Newsom to test them out. During the interview it is revealed that the device features a touch-sensitive trackpad that allows users to scroll through content.

When asked about a potential release, Brin states that he has “some hopes to maybe get it out sometime next year,” although he did caution “that’s still a little bit of a hope.”

I personally think it will take a lot longer – after 3 years all they’ve managed to do is to take pictures and video, a bit disappointing since you can buy a much better Spy camera eyeglasses for $100.

Wearable Display will take off – it only makes sense, but will Google really dominate? Oakley already hinted they’re building their own, or Vuzix’s Tac-Eye LT amazing impressive military ready technology.

Google does have the right vision, as do others: The SmartPhone as the main portable computing device, and the eyewear as an interface; connect them via bluetooth (or whatever better tech comes in the future), and you got yourself a winner. C’mon Google X, is it really that hard?

  • Fridge_the_retard

    Useless piece of shit. How retarded do you have to be to think that anyone is going to use it?

    • Matthew A. Myers

      Based on your derogatory use of words, I’d say you don’t have a very open mind, have a narrow view, and therefore can’t see all of the valuable uses it can have. Also, it’s a prototype.

  • Peter Chon

    As a person who wore glasses most of my life, glasses f’in sucks.

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  • Rob Gonda

    I tried not to be as harsh, saying it’s just a bit disappointing – it does have amazing potential! I can totally see myself using wearable display connected to my iPhone, with built-in facial recognition, object and brand recognition, reminders, maps, wolfram Alpha tie-ins, live video chats, etc …

    But we’re a long long way to go from that, and if after 3 years they only got this far, it won’t be any time soon.

    I also have some other thoughts on additional biometric interfaces that could be combined with this for an amazing experience … I’ll post that tomorrow.


  • Jojojoman

    As a person who wore glasses most of my life, glasses f’in rocks.

  • Daniel Beecham

    It looks amazing and I want it.

  • Rob Gonda

    Don’t you guys think Sergey should wait a little to show off? like, until they do more than take photos?

  • Axure

    People severely underestimate how hard it is to build a head-mounted display that is small, light and provides good, high-res image. To do it cheaply adds another order of magnitude of difficulty. It has been the pursuit of many technology companies for decades.

    I’m pretty sure, the Vuzix device is in the tens of thousands of dollars. And it’s on a wire.

    Oakley might hint all they want, as many companies have over the years, but they admit themselves in the article you’ve linked to that they’ve been chasing this unicorn since 1998.

    And devices like the Epson Moverio BT-100 or Sony HMZ-T1 are a whole different class: they’re entertainment clunkers that you wouldn’t wear on your head on the street. What Google will likely offer is of unprecedented size and weight, bearable looks to wear among real people (not nerds), it’s wireless, capable of linking with your device of choice (smartphones, possibly laptops), and will have to carry price tag acceptable for more affluent consumers (say, those who can afford iPhones and top-of-the line Android phones). So, when you ask, is it really that hard, I would respond: you have no friggin’ idea.

    • Rob Gonda

      Totally agree with everything you said – and the vision (teaser video a few months ago) is brilliant … But in general, you can only build hype to any given topic once, so shouldn’t they had waited a little longer until it is a bit more practical?

  • Rob Gonda

    Hacker News comments [by vibragiel] reveal that this interview with Sebastian Thrun (Founder and head of Google X) is a bit more revealing.

  • OmegaSupreme

    These would be great. I’ll watch tv on them while my car drives around by itself. Hover boards next please GoogleX :)

    • Rob Gonda

      Funny, but not far off … 

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