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Viral Video Friday: Google - Real World as Irritating as the Internet

Google Analytics has put together a series of videos demonstrating what poor Web design can do to an online commerce site - situations we’d never put up in real life.

Produced by Google’s in-house video agency in the UK, all the spots have the absurdity of a Monty Python skit. It seems weird for Google to be dissing online search and e-commerce, but here it serves the greater goal of telling people to learn more about their customers via Analytics. And in this case, it’s funny ‘cause it’s true.

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AWS Outage Cheat Sheet

Amazon Status Translation Sheet
**Single Availability Zone** : All Zones in a region
**Degraded Performance** : Total service disruption
**Elevated Error Rates** : No one can connect
**Green Tick** : Up
**Green Tick with (i)** : Total Service Outage
**Yellow Notice Symbol** : Total Service Outage
**Red Tick** : The guy who selects this for reporting statuses of any kind will get fired.

Microsoft Surface Design Explained

Microsoft announced this week their new Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 RT and Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro. After careful analysis we now understand the main competitive differentiation against laptops, tablets, and other portable devices. Apparently Microsoft has its own Jonathan Ive - brilliant!

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Distorted Celebrity Faces Illusion

Like many interesting scientific discoveries, this one was an accident. Sean Murphy, an undergraduate student, was working alone in the lab on a set of faces for one of his experiments. He aligned a set of faces at the eyes and started to skim through them. After a few seconds, he noticed that some of the faces began to appear highly deformed and grotesque. He called it the “Flashed Face Distortion Effect”.

This is amazingly funny and entertaining … check it out.

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