Sony 3D Projection Mapping In Madrid

Sony comes out with a new spin to 3d projection, now in Madrid. Instead of going all fancy with braking and shattering buildings, they went with a simple elegant experiences that is cool not only because it’s about 3d soccer experience just in time for the world cup, not only because it’s the first one with real 3d illustrations, but also because they make use of the building’s doors and windows to make it seem more real … it seems like the building is part of it, not just a massive projection area.

Really well done Sony. This projection was again created by NuFormer in the Netherlands and I must say these guys would have to be one of the top mapping agencies out there. The creative concept, mapping precision and execution are simply stunning! I will say that I think the Samsung 3D Projection was still more innovative in it’s concept and execution, but it’s good to see with just 3 concepts out there how different they can be. Now where is the US one? There’s a massive white building in Lincoln road with great exposure that would be ideal for it! Really, I’m sure Sapient will help negotiate and get all approvals to do it :)

Adobe, stop trying to get into the iPhone

Latest news, Adobe finally gets into the iPhone/iPad by delivering Flash-based ads to the iAd network.

Mashable reads: “Adobe to Bring Flash-Based Ads to iPhone: Adobe has partnered with ad company Greystripe to deliver Flash-based ads to Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Greystripe makes this possible by converting Flash ads (which the devices do not currently support) into the competing HTML5 format”

Now, has Adobe stopped for a second to think, if you can do everything Flash can do in html5, why using Flash at all? The one advantage that I see is to re-tool banners in multiple media and leverage assets for web & mobile – which is a strong statement … but it does not mean Flash will run in the iPhone, and it most likely mean that not all Flash functionality will work either …

Every step Adobe makes to expand Flash to the iPhone just takes them a step backwards and make people start saying Flash is dead. I do not believe Flash is dead, but that deserves a full article which I will post soon.

The State of The Internet

Great presentation / stats / numbers of the current state, size, and uses of the Internet.

The main stats were:

  • Email usage will shrink :: 247 billion emails sent per day, 200 are spam + growing trend of using social networks to communicate
  • Women are social :: 84% social sites with more women than men
  • 27MM tweets per day - has nothing on Facebook statuses
  • Facebook has 260 Billion page views per month vs MySpace at 24 Billion
  • Flickr hosts 4 Billion photos - Facebook gets 2.5 Billion new photos per month
  • Youtube gets 1 Billion video views per day
  • Hulu gets 1 Billion video views per month

Innovation Proverbs

I found this great post on innovation by Carol Rozwell – a Gartner analyst I am meeting – while I was reading her recent work… and since I will be posting a lot on the topic of innovation, thought it would be great to share this.

Innovation Proverbs by Joyce Wycoff

  1. PEOPLE do innovation.
  2. Innovation means doing something that hasn’t been done before.
    By definition there is risk involved.
    No risk; no innovation.
  3. Innovation is a win-win process.
    It creates new value for the customer and the organization.
  4. Innovation is a team sport.
    Teams are built around a common objective and trust.
  5. Innovation requires risk.
    Risk-taking requires trust.
    Trust requires honesty and openness.
  6. Innovation requires energy.
    Energy comes from challenges that excite the imagination.
  7. Innovation is about creating the future.
    Cost-cutting and downsizing are about fixing the past.
  8. Innovation is not just a rah-rah word or fad.
    It is an investment in the future that requires new processes, time, energy, commitment and resources.
  9. Innovation requires new information — from co-workers, customers, suppliers, competitors and from the world.
  10. Innovation requires time — time to think, time to tinker, time to talk about possibilities and ideas.
    Down-to-the-second controls can kill innovation.

Future of Mobile Advertising

The mobile phone is a personal computing device – totally intimate to the user, which makes it perfect to run an OS from a company that makes all their money selling advertising. Google, nether shy or laid back, gave a preview or their Android 3.0 OS that will bundle versions of visual voice mail, maps, and a totally revolutionary voice add-on that will mine conversations in real time and provide amazing unintrusive personalized recommendations.

Can’t wait for my AT&T contract to expire and switch over!

Real-Time Everything - the Era of Communication Ubiquity

I presented “Real-Time Everything - the Era of Communication Ubiquity” at SXSWi 2010 last week and wanted to share my deck … I uploaded it to slideshare, not sure why I haven’t uploaded all my decks there, but will slowly start doing so.

The abstract / summary described the session as: A focus universe research strategy; imagine using the entire internet as your focus group. Analyze every conversation, visualize trends, compare brands, learn insights, envisage it over time, and get real factual answers, not just amplified assumptions based on focus and control groups. Now add IPv6 to the picture, digital invasion, UGC/MGC user and machine generated content; we’re not that from the day fridges tweet about food needs, tvs’ about programs, subways and highways about traffic, clubs about nightlife, … So now imagine adding that to the picture, a digital blueprint of society.

It covers real-time culture shifts, experience, and expectations with streaming, commerce, collaboration, customer support, and more … tons of very interesting data points.

Feedback always welcome.

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