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Viral Video Friday: Google - Real World as Irritating as the Internet

Google Analytics has put together a series of videos demonstrating what poor Web design can do to an online commerce site - situations we’d never put up in real life.Produced by Google’s in-house video agency in the UK, all the spots have the absurdity of a Monty Python skit. It seems weird for Google to be dissing online search and e-commerce, ...

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3D printing vending machine automates the invention process

The popularity of 3D printing has exploded, but even as prices for the devices have fallen, not everyone is prepared or able to shell out the cash necessary start experimenting. But what if there was a 3D vending machine that made experimenting quick and easy, without the printer investment? Well, now there is.Created at Virginia Tech’s DREAMS L...

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Startup, Technology, and Innovation in South Florida

There is a growing startup community and ecosystem in South Florida. Developers, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators are all present, trying to get organized and kickstart the local innovation culture. There’s also the added benefit of the tropical lifestyle and international culture that defines South Florida. Below are some resources to get y...

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Turkish Airlines: Kobe Bryant And Leo Messi Compete For A Little Boy's Attention

Today’s ad of the day features two greats from the sports world: Lakers player Kobe Bryant and Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi.The Turkish Airline spot shows Bryant and Messi trying their hardest to win the attention of a little boy looking for an autograph.For those who know me, I’ve been a Barça fan for over 20 years, so Messi should win ha...

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AWS Outage Cheat Sheet

Amazon Status Translation Sheet===============================Single Availability Zone : All Zones in a regionDegraded Performance : Total service disruptionElevated Error Rates : No one can connectGreen Tick : UpGreen Tick with (i) : Total Service OutageYellow Notice Symbol : Total Service OutageRed Tick : The guy who selects this for reporting...

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