Viral Video Friday – Panda

Panda, an Egyptian manufacturer of cheese and dairy products, has dramatically revamped its advertising 4 months ago thanks to boutique agency Elephant Cairo. The agency sold the client the ‘crazy idea’ that if you don’t like Panda products, eat Panda products or refuse a Panda sandwich, the Panda will kick your ass. The campaign is called “Never Say No to Panda“.

Strangely the official hits on the Youtube channel don’t even come close to the 4 million hits the recently made compilation got.

Original video was removed today, but here’s another copy.

The Future of the Book by IDEO

Everyone by now must have had a discussion about future of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. You’ve probably seen Wired on the iPad, the Sports Illustrated Tablet Demo, any many more.IDEO, respected company for their innovation and product design, came up with 3 concepts for the future of the book.Nelson reinforces books as critical thinking to...

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Viral Video Friday – TippExperience

A recent YouTube video ad for ink correction fluid brand Tipp-Ex allows offers a custom, interactive experience to viewers based on the product’s key functionality – allowing you to correct your original intention, or to change your mind. The video’s co-protagonist – a hunter/camper – is about to shoot a bear at his campsite, when he instead dec...

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Business Tedious Task Automation

If you work on a large corporation, you know about time cards, expense reports, and other horribly tedious business overhead that takes so much of your time. I don’t know I’ve never put 1+1 together … As a long time technologist, I’ve used multiple automation tools such as selenium, or the selenium Firefox plugin to fill out forms and automate t...

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Google Vs. Instant Google

While Google Instant isn’t necessarily the exact definition of instant, it’s definitely a whole lot faster. Overall it saved 17 seconds over all ten searches combined. That’s only 1.7 seconds per search on average, but let’s say you perform 40 searches per day—that’s 24,820 seconds, 413.67 minutes, and nearly 7 hours per year. Not bad.

UX: Screens Of The Future

At its Open Innovation Experiment, Swedish software technology and design company TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) released a spectacular video showing a glimpse of possible screen technology of the future. They predict that we will have malleable screens, screens that are built into mirrors connected with Wi-Fi, e-ink touch screens and several others that can only be imagined at the moment.

Take a look at their video to see this inspired view of what comes next:

[via Swiss-Miss]

Facebook Places Photo Memories Coming Soon

Perhaps one of the best features of Facebook Places was not released with the initial launch … Looking back at the Facebook Places official video, the most compelling selling point is that Facebook helps you digitalize your memories. The fact that you can geo-tag and timestamp photos, videos, and comments, allows you to live back any memories, knowing what you saw, how you felt, who you were with …

Imagine if you were in Hawaii for your honeymoon, taking a cruise to all the different islands … now imagine if each photo had a geo-tag, and a time stamp, and you could comment and add your thoughts and feelings … Facebook places would be the platform to help you re-live this experience, follow your path or trace … but also, what if you come back 5 years from now, to the same place … how nice would it be to match it to your previous experiences? Or how about you go to Disney parks, and you need advice on the rides for your new kids … you can see comments your friends made in previous experiences, recommendations, reviews … ditto for restaurants … you get the point.

Facebook hasn’t made it official, but while I was lecturing last night at the Miami Ad School, I checked in, later on visited the place page, and I noticed that there’s a section titled “Photo Memories“.

Geo-tagging rich content is a huge differentiator against the currently actively vocal by desperation Dennis Crowley, Foursquare’s CEO. Let the memories begin.

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