Outdoor 3d Projection Taking Off

I’ve always been wondered by how brands are not just using anything as media, like plazas, buildings, the sky … but it’s actually happening … within the past month, first Samsung and then BMW using 3d projection mapping to display a full HD3D display on top of buildings. I don’t know the laws and regulations for it, but I’m sure there are some, otherwise we would see add projected on every building - ad saturation.

Samsung introduced 3d projections in Amsterdam to promote their new to-be-launched 3d tv’s. I would love to get one for the world cup, but I could only hope.

Samsung was the first to introduce a large-scale 3D-Outdoor projection in the Netherlands, at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The public was able to view the addition of a new dimension to this historic building.

Now BMW did it in Singapore, and what really stands out with this installation is that it’s set across two separate buildings and an intersection, the  first projection mapping installation to sync two projections together, and the effect is simply beautiful, innovative and hugely engaging from any angle.

So back to my initial statement … to the best of my knowledge, the FTC does not regulate sky ads, so how long would it be before someone figures out a way to project this to the sky and place ads in front of even more eye-balls?

If anyone has any info on regulations for 3d projections please share … won’t take long before we see them all over NY.