The dumbest way to fight showrooming: Charge customers $5 just for browsing

Store Combats Showrooming With $5 ‘Just Looking’ Fee

While some bricks-and-mortar chains are trying to curb showrooming — using a retailer to check out an item in person before buying it online — with price-matching or store-exclusive brands, one business has come up with a possible solution… charging a $5 fee for shopping without buying.

According to the person who posted the above photo on Reddit, this sign was spotted on the door to specialty food store in Brisbane, Australia. Another Reddit contributor also posted photos of the store and the sign this weekend. Reads the sign:

As of the first of February, this store will be charging people a $5 fee per person for “just looking.”

The $5 fee will be deducted when goods are purchased.

Why has this come about?

There has been high volume of people who use this store as a reference and then purchase goods elsewhere. These people are unaware our prices are almost the same as the other stores plus we have products simply not available anywhere else.

This policy is line with many other clothing, shoe and electronic stores who are also facing the same issue.