SXSW: Simplifying Innovation

Along the lines of framing the future, I submitted a panel for SXSW on Simplifying Innovation - would really appreciate your vote and feedback.

With today’s pace of technology innovation, increased expectation of user experience, and company leadership mandate to innovate - how do you answer a simple question: what?


  • If you’re a corporate executive you have vendors pitching you new tech every day
  • If you’re a technologist you see new technology arising every day
  • If you’re an entrepreneur you have a million options to direct your company.
  • If you’re a hacker and wonder which tech will businesses pay for

All of them share the same theme: which technology will prevail? what experience will be adopted? what will businesses pay for?

It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be!

The key is simplicity; with simple frameworks you can easily identify emerging technologies, emerging trends, emerging needs, and put a solid plan for success.

Please vote for this session - thanks!