Future of Mobile Advertising

The mobile phone is a personal computing device – totally intimate to the user, which makes it perfect to run an OS from a company that makes all their money selling advertising. Google, nether shy or laid back, gave a preview or their Android 3.0 OS that will bundle versions of visual voice mail, maps, and a totally revolutionary voice add-on that will mine conversations in real time and provide amazing unintrusive personalized recommendations.

Can’t wait for my AT&T contract to expire and switch over!

Real-Time Everything - the Era of Communication Ubiquity

I presented “Real-Time Everything - the Era of Communication Ubiquity” at SXSWi 2010 last week and wanted to share my deck … I uploaded it to slideshare, not sure why I haven’t uploaded all my decks there, but will slowly start doing so.

The abstract / summary described the session as: A focus universe research strategy; imagine using the entire internet as your focus group. Analyze every conversation, visualize trends, compare brands, learn insights, envisage it over time, and get real factual answers, not just amplified assumptions based on focus and control groups. Now add IPv6 to the picture, digital invasion, UGC/MGC user and machine generated content; we’re not that from the day fridges tweet about food needs, tvs’ about programs, subways and highways about traffic, clubs about nightlife, … So now imagine adding that to the picture, a digital blueprint of society.

It covers real-time culture shifts, experience, and expectations with streaming, commerce, collaboration, customer support, and more … tons of very interesting data points.

Feedback always welcome.

Emerging Experiences and Trends in 2010

I spoke to Omar L. Gallaga from austin360 blog right before my SXSW panel about emerging trends, including mobile, augmented reality, and social media, and he posted this interview on their blog; wanted to share a few PoV’s that I provided …American-Statesman: As smartphones have gotten more popular, we’ve been hearing more and more about augmen...

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Apple App Store Economy / Android and 4G thoughts

the app store economy

Thank you Gigaom

So I’m an iPhone user, and so are most of my friends … but I really think the new gold mine is Android; I was playing with the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment today, Droid Eric over the weekend, and can’t wait to get my hands on a Nexus One … With 50 new Android phones coming out this year, an open app eco-system, and 4G coming out this year, I really can’t wait to see the outcome …

Oh, I was playing with some custom phones I bought from China with Video conferencing over Wifi and it works awesome… so 4G/Wiki, Android OS, free cloud hosting, Google Voice / other VoIP providers … New communications are here, this will be an interesting year.

Social Media: Are you ready for real-time?

[caption id=”attachment_1104” align=”alignleft” width=”400” caption=”Alabama's Local 15 News Live Twitter Billboard”]Live Twitter News Billboard Leads to Social Media Fail[/caption]

A few days ago I found this shocking blog claiming “Live Twitter News Billboard Leads to Social Media Fail“… go ahead, read it and see if you agree.

First, the fact that they pulled off a digital billboard with live tweets is awesome.

So now ask yourself, what was the cause of this event? live tweets? twitter? social media?

The answer is none of the above. The only reason this happened is due to organizational readiness. There are two factors here:

1. Are they ready to accept that people talk? Does it really matter if something like this shows up? how much is it really going to affect their brand? is it really a failure? what are the thresholds and limits?

2. If it is a concern, why didn’t they implement a simple keyword filtering? Any simple profanity filter would have caught the word ‘rape’.

3. If simple keyword filtering is not enough, they could easily have hired a moderation company. Moderation could have been pretty simple to do … would require a person/company to approve every tweet to go live on the billboard. Depending on the refresh rate and how real-time this billboard gets the data, this task could be really simple. Just refresh it every 10 minutes, select 140 tweets per day, done.

So did Twitter lead to failure? I don’t think so … they agency should have added a few precautions, but even without anything in place, the fact that I’m blogging about this and giving props to their agency for innovating digital out of home advertising is great for a local news station … I think it was well worth it.

Omma Mobile Panel: Mobile Web Vs. Mobile Apps

I had the pleasure to moderate a panel for Omma mobile in October with a nice talented group of experts:

Panelist | Jeannette Kocsis, SVP Digital Marketing, Harte-Hanks, Inc. Jeannette_Kocsis@harte-hanks.com

Panelist | Ujjal Kohli, CEO, Rhythm Media lisa@rhythmnewmedia.com

Panelist | Kyle Outlaw, UX lead, Razorfish kyle.outlaw@razorfish.com

Panelist | Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi ken.willner@zumobi.com

Panelist | Jamie Wells, Director, Global Trade Marketing, Microsoft Mobile Advertising jawells@microsoft.com

Moderator | Rob Gonda, Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Sapient rgonda@sapient.com

Panelist | Jeannette Kocsis, SVP Digital Marketing, Harte-Hanks, Inc.
Panelist | Ujjal Kohli, CEO, Rhythm Media
Panelist | Kyle Outlaw, UX lead, Razorfish
Panelist | Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi
Panelist | Jamie Wells, Director, Global Trade Marketing, Microsoft Mobile Advertising
Moderator | Rob Gonda, Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Sapient

Topic was Mobile Web Vs. Mobile Applications; it was pretty interesting, Ken and Jamie as more vocal and Ujjal with some nice comments for debates. Jamie plugged Microsoft so much that it almost became a game, and I had to get back at him towards the end; he said he wanted to pick up a fight, crowd always loves that.

Please check it out, it’s long, but hopefully you’ll find it useful and entretaining.

Google releases Chrome for Mac

google chromeAfter playing with Chrome developer edition for the Mac for a few weeks, Google released today the official Beta. I tried it on a PC a few months ago and quite honestly, was not impressed at all, and haven’t paid much attention since. Today I decided to run a few tests, and it seems to be 1) pretty fast, and 2) extensible?

1) Open http://www.chromeexperiments.com/detail/canopy/ and click launch experiment … tried it with Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, and Chrome 4 beta … Chrome wins by far …. granted, this code was built to showcase Chrome specific advantages and should not reflect Safari generic JavaScript performance, but it’s pretty sweet.

2) Chrome Extensions : https://chrome.google.com/extensions … wow, I had no idea this existed… this is the main reason I like Firefox, all the nice tools …

All n’ all, I still use Safari as my main browser, Firefox to look behind the scenes, dev tools, and now I’ll try Chrome a little more too.

P.S. Posting this entry using Chrome to test wordpress compatibility; thus far, all good.

[update] P.S.2 Extensions does not seem to work for Mac. Hopefully they’ll enable them soon

[update] P.S.3 Enable extensions for Mac through this little hack-around

MMS For iPhone Is Finally Available


Finally, AT&T’s long-awaited MMS update for the iPhone is finally ready. Just plug your iPhone into iTunes and hit the “Check for Update” button.

You should get the dialog message above, saying: “An update to your carrier settings for your iPhone is available. Would you like to download it now?”

Hit “Download and Update” and wait a few seconds, then go to your iPhone and launch the Messages app. There should be a little camera icon to the left of the text input box at the bottom. Hit it, and you’ll be able to send pictures or video with your text messages.

Some users are reporting they have to manually reboot their iPhone after installing the carrier update.

PS: Haven’t tested if this has any effect on the tethering profile update

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