Brazil vs Argentina: Latin America Creativity

You got to love Latin American humor!

Some background … The Argentinan and Brazilian soccer / football / futbol rivalry is highly competitive as well as their respective sets of fans. Games between the two teams, even those that are only friendly matches, are often marked by notable and sometimes controversial incidents. Historically, it’s been pretty even (out of 93 matches there were 24 draws, Argentina won 34, and Brazil won 35, … though Argentina only has 2 World Cup titles and Brazil has 5!)…

Before a match in 2007 an Argentinean condom company posted ad to let Brazilians know what will presumably happen to them at the upcoming bout.

Latin America Creativity - Brazil Vs Argentina - Argentina ad

Brazil won the match prompting the Brazillian Football organization to run this ad:

Latin America Creativity - Brazil Vs Argentina - Brazil ad

You got to love Latin American humor! I hope I don’t have to explain these ads, but it’s one of the best uses of typography I’ve seen… so subtle, so clever… love it!

The 32 Freakiest Ads Of 2008

The gory/comic spot for Evil Dead the Musical, by Saatchi & Saatchi in Toronto won the title of AdFreak’s Freakiest Ad of 2008, after collecting 49 percent of the votes at AdFreak… check out all the ads in alphabetical order… which one is your favorite?ALS Society of Canada | “Head & Shoulders”This gut-wrenching PSA used a children’s son...

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YouTube as a discussion destination

Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani has sued Coldplay for copyright infringement over claims that their hit single, Viva La Vida, used “substantial original portions” of his song If I Could Fly from 2004, seeking damages for “any and all profits.” The lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles federal court.Chris Martin has said: “We’re definitely good, but...

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Information Everywhere: 2d Visual and Audio Barcodes

Consumers want information everywhere and at all times: from access to their service accounts on phone IVRs, main portals, social networks, and mobile devices, to identifying music with programs such as Verizon’s V Cast Song ID, or iPhone apps such as midomi and shazam. The latest trend is to allow the consumer to easily retrieve additional info...

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Akamai Behavioral Targeting

Akamai, the largest CDN with access to more information than you can imagine, announced a new service called Advertising Decision Solutions (ADS), a new division in the company that will work with its clients to apply behavioral-targeting layers to ad campaigns; it has also acquired Acerno, a company that has built itself on the notion of “predi...

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Adobe Max Day 1: Keynote

First big announcement is that there’s a new emphasis on the Flash Platform – as originally called by Macromedia in 2005. Flash, Flex, AIR, and Thermo are just tools to develop experiences using the Flash Runtime, and apparently all these names are just confusing people. Adobe decided to consolidate everything into one platform and market it acc...

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Ad:Tech NY 2008 - Day 1

Great day at Ad:Tech today, from panels to contacts, new business opportunities, new technologies, new trends, new services… Ad:Tech has it all.The day started with a keynote from Jonathan Klein, President of CNN/US. John said that CNN embraces innovation, new technologies, new techniques, new trends, and urges all their employees to try new ide...

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New Apple Ads Target Microsoft's $350M Ad Campaign

Apple just released two new “Get a Mac” spots mocking Microsoft’s $350 million advertising investment. Although I do like the new “I’m a PC” spots and the “Windows without walls” or “Life without walls” messages, I always find the “Get a Mac” ads hilarious.The first ad is titled the “V Word”. The spot introduces PC with a big red button buzzer, ...

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Adobe Flash 10 vs. Microsoft Silverlight 2

Big week for Rich Internet Applications with two big releases: Microsoft Silverlight 2 and Adobe Flash 10. Both bring in new sets of capabilities that make the Internet a better place. So anything changes with this new release? should you look into using them, adopting, which one is better? Many questions, but the answer as always is ‘it depends...

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